No sew pillow cover

Spring is around the corner. The winter makes me stir crazy, so by the time the weather changes, I’m ready to scrub everything and make it new. This is a great idea for sprucing up the house and changing up the decor easily. Check out Hobby Lobby for material. Their clearance section sometimes has great[…]

Market Update for the Lehigh Valley

The Greater Lehigh Valley Realtors releases a Market Update quarterly. It just became available, so I wanted to share some of the statistics that they posted: 2015 is starting out with a 17.5% increase in the housing affordability index, meaning more people can afford houses in the area. Mortgage rates should stay low in the short[…]

Make the house smell like coffee !

I am a Coffee Lover. I can not start my day without a good cup of joe.  In the winter months, you’ll probably see me sneak a second cup throughout the day somewhere. I found this little gem on Pinterest and wanted to share my fellow Coffee Lovers.   You can make your home smell[…]