Before & After – Our living room, aka “Reading Room”

I always tell buyers that they have to look past the cosmetics of a room. The furniture and paint make a huge difference. Unfortunately, a lot of them can not see past a red sofa vs their black one or the oak furniture vs their espresso shades. This is a prime example of what paint and furniture can do to transform a room. This is my actual home.

We have a fairly contemporary style in our decor. This varies quite so from my mother in law’s Tuscan style that showcases greens, yellows, and reds. (We purchased the home from her in June.) We opted for “Requisite Gray” from Sherwin Williams for the majority of the house and finished off the trim with a brilliant white, which really makes it pop.

We still have to find some finishing touches, but love how things are coming along and are enjoying the process of making it our own for our little family. This is where our mornings start. We each claim a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and read, check emails, etc. We love starting our morning here 🙂


Check out our before and after:

Coffee room, before & after