Keep your home safe this winter

Keep your home safe this winter

While the snow looks like a beautiful winter wonderful at the moment, there are very real dangers that could effect your home. Read some of the tips below to avoid any potential issues.


– Remove snow from basement stairwells, window wells, and walls. Melting snow can lead to water damage or possible moisture intrusion.

– Keep your attic well ventilated. A warm attic melts snow on the roof. Water will run down and can refreeze on the roof’s edge. If ice builds up and blocks the water from draining, the water can be forced under the roof covering and into your attic or down the walls of your house

-Make sure your gutters are clear.

– Keep cabinet doors cracked open so that the warm air can ventilate around the pipes.

– Keep a slow trickle of water flowing through the facets connected to pipes that run through an unheated space.