Old tires? Paint and create a fresh garden look

spring flowers


is on the way! 



With Spring on the way, we’re all trying to spruce up our yards and increase the almighty curb appeal. I found this idea on Pinterest. It’s easy, unique, and incorporates bright, fun colors. Just paint a old tire and plop the potted plant inside. Voila!




I have one of these!  Minus the spray paint though..but they’d be perfect for parks or playgrounds!

I live in an apartment and in the garage is some tires from a prior tenant and I thought hmmmmmm….. what can I do with old tires so into Google I typed “old tire decorations” and up popped a whole bunch of tutorials for tire planter!!! I was super excited so I thought I would share one of the ideas I came across. I will be spray painting the ones in my garage this weekend!! Can’t wait to get them done! 🙂